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Hometown Heroes - America's Cities Embrace the Women's World Cup

It isn't every day that we find ourselves in the presence of greatness.  It's a funny thing, really.  One day your neighbor's child is walking alongside your son or daughter toward the high school graduation podium. The next, she's headed halfway around the world to represent your country as an international soccer player.

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Understanding Changes Nielsen is making in Local Audience Measurement

David Bowie’s song Changes could be the anthem for Nielsen with all the changes they are making to improve their audience measurement for both local Audio listening and Television viewership.  Nielsen has throughout its history made changes to its measurement services when needed; however, the amount of time from concept to implementation in the past has been lengthy. Are you in the know? 

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Fear Not! Advanced TV is Friendlier Than You Think

Back in 2015, the IAB’s Advanced TV Advertising Primer stated at the outset that “How television is watched, where it is watched, with what devices and the technological underpinnings of the ecosystem that enables it are all changing cataclysmically.” 

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Getting to Know Kathy Doyle - Part 1

A 20+ year veteran of IPG/MAGNA, Kathy oversees all local activity for clients such as Amazon, BMW, Coca-Cola, Arby’s, Hershey and Sony, among many others. Kathy believes that client success in the local market is achieved through leverage, knowledge & relationships that drive effective strategic execution. Katz CMO, Stacey Schulman, caught up with Kathy earlier this month to talk about the immense changes happening in the media and marketing worlds - and what it all means for local media.

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Consumers Are All Ears: What Does the Future Hold for Audio Advertising?

The consumption of audio content has come full circle. We’ve gone from the quintessential communal experience of families sitting around the household radio listening to FDR’s fireside chats to people sitting on the subway with their earbuds, which is the ultimate solitary experience. Data shows that even after nearly a century of disruption from television to satellite radio, radio remains the number one reach medium. 

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